Thursday, September 3, 2015

Born Today September 3: Wally Albright

Wally Albright 1925-1999

Born Walton Algernon Albright, he was a child actor in the late silent era and was a member of the Our Gang cast, more popularly known later on as "The Little Rascals," where he was billed as "Wally Albright."  He appeared in 6 Little Rascals. He was one of the very first well recognized child actors of the end of the silent era.  He also worked as a child/teen actor in various talking roles, right up through the 1940's.  His last two acting credits are from the 1950's as an adult.  He was sometimes billed as Wally Albright Jr.  He is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

He served in World War II and later in life went on to found a very successful trucking company.  He was also a well known water sportsman .

Silents And Early Talkies

Going Ga-Ga  1929 (this is a partially lost film--exists in fragments only)

The Case Of Lena Smith 1929 (exists in one fragment only)

Scandal  1929 (partial talkie)

Thunder 1929 (early talkie Western Electric) [Lost Film]

Wonder Of Women 1929 (partial talkie)

The Single Standard 1929 (this Garbo partial talkie, was one of the first films to feature it's own composed soundtrack, written especially for the silent parts of the movie.)

His "Our Gang" credits date from 1934

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