Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Born Today September 1: Johnny Mack Brown


Johnny Mack Brown 1904-1974

Arguabley the first true sports film star, he was a star football player (American football, of course) at the University of Alabama, where he was known as "The Dothan Antelope" (strange nickname for a sports player from the south).  He went on to help get his team to the 1925 Rose Bowl, which they won over the heavily favored Washington Huskies.  Here in the south, it became known as "the game that changed the south."  After  being noticed by Hollywood in a box of Wheaties, he was approached to make films.  Unsurprisingly his first films were sports related dramas.  Later in his acting career he was more known for his roles in westerns. His ashes are interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

List Of His Silent/Partial Silent Films

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