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Graves Of Silent Stars

*sorted by Cemetery

Allegheny Cemetery Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Lillian Russell

Alter St.-Matthäus-Kirchhof Berlin, German

Jacob Grimm (on right--The Brothers Grimm)

Jeanne Eagels under her birth name of "Eagles"

Former resting place of John Barrymore, now empty

Dolores Costello

Elaine Hammerstein

Lola Lane

Ramon Navarro

Calvary Cemetery Queens, New York City, New York

Una O'Connor (listed under birth name first)

June Marlowe

Corsier Cemetery Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland 

Charlie Chaplin

Deansgrange Cemetery Dublin, Ireland

Grave of Barry Fitzgerald (under his birth name)

Duck River Cemetery Old Lyme, Connecticut

Elsie Ferguson

The Evergreens Cemetery Brooklyn, New York

Guy Coombs

Etna Town Cemetery Etna, California

John Emerson

Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale, New York

Richard Barthelmess

Joan Crawford

Judy Garland

Basil Rathbone

Wally Albright

George Archainbaud

Clara Blandick

William Boyd

Clarence Brown

Johnny Mack Brown
Frances X. Bushman
David Butler

Lon Chaney Sr.

Julia Dean

Marie Dressler

Romaine Fielding

W. C. Fields

Clark Gable

John Gilbert

Alan Hale Sr.

Alice Hollister

Rex Ingram (Director)

Doris Kenyon

E. K. Lincoln

Carole Lombard

Anita Louise

Rouben Mamoulian

Victor McLaglen

Merle Oberon

Charles Ogle

Nance O'Neil

Ruth Roland

Lewis J. Selznick

Lowell Sherman

Irving Thalberg

Ben Turpin

Grant Withers

Ed Wynn

Forest Lawn Memorial Park Hollywood Hills, CA

Lloyd Bacon

Mary Brian

Reginald Denny

Robert Florey

Buster Keaton

Kenneth MacDonald

Guinn "Big Boy" Williams

Forest Home Cemetery Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Charles King

Flushing Cemetery Queens, New York

Muriel Ostriche
Golders Green Crematorium Golders, Greater London, England, UK

Frederick Kerr

Graceland Cemetery Chicago, Illinois

William Pinkerton

Grand View Memorial Park Glendale, California

Edna Purviance

Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn, New York

Frank Morgan

Ralph Morgan

George Francis Train

Erville Alderson

Leah Baird

John W. Boyle

Émile Chautard

Harry Cohn

Bebe Daniels

Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Janet Gaynor

Roscoe Karns

Benjamin H. Kline

Edgar Lewis

Tyrone Power

Mickey Rooney

Phil Rosen

Elijah Tahamont aka Dark Cloud

Estelle Taylor

George Loane Tucker

Rudolph Valentino

Clifton Webb

Fay Wray

Holy Cross Cemetery Culver City, California

Frank Albertson

Mary Astor

Ray Bolger

Gary Cooper, former tomb, is now empty, he was reburied in Southampton, New York

Bing Crosby

Wallace Ford

Henry King

Rudolph Maté

Winfield Sheehan

Home Of Peace Memorial Park  Los Angeles, California

Harry Rapf

Ivy Lawn Memorial Park Ventura, California

Ethel Clayton

Kensico Cemetery Valhalla New York

Lee Beggs

Billie Burke

May Irwin

Ikegami Honmoji Temple Tokyo, Japan

Kenji Mizoguchi

Maryrest Cemetery Mahwah, New Jersey

Grave of Alice Guy

Mount Hebron Cemetery Queens, New York

Bertha Kalich

Panteón de Dolores Mexico City, Mexico

Lupe Velez

Private Burials Or Singular Burials

Will Rogers Will Rogers Memorial Museum Claremore, Oklahoma

Leland Stanford Campus of Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Rockland Cemetery Sparkill, New York

Henry Hull

Rosehill Cemetery Chicago, Illinois

Milton Sills

San Fernanado Mission Cemetery Los Angeles, California

Alice Joyce

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Sleepy Hollow, New York

William A. Brady

St. Agnes Cemetery Mennads (greater Albany), New York

Robert G. Vignola

St. Leonard's Church Hove, Sussex, England

C. Aubrey Smith

Valhalla Memorial Park North Hollywood, CA

Yakima Canutt

Cliff Edwards

Oliver Hardy

Dell Henderson

Kermit Maynard

Sam McDaniel
Mabel Paige

William Tracy

Woodlawn Cemetery
 The Bronx, New York

Herbert Brenon

Harry Carey

George M. Cohan, family Mausoleum 

Ricardo Cortez

Roi Cooper Megrue

Woodlawn Cemetery Santa Monica, California

Paul Fix

Florence Lake

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