Saturday, October 12, 2019

Born Today October 12: Alan V. Day


One of just two actors credited in the early (largely animated) adventure horror film The Ghost Of Slumber Mountain  (1918), Alan V. Day was born on this date somewhere in the state of New Jersey (the other actor was another member of the Day family that I can only assume was his older brother Chauncey).  He, along with Chauncey, is credited as "Jack's Nephew" (writer of the piece Herbert M. Dawley is in the uncredited role "Uncle Jack"). There is no other credit for him in acting of any sort that I can find. Neither he or his brother have death dates in any records either. The full film can be found below. Happy Halloween Season to you all!  

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Born Today October 3: Maurice Desvallières


French playwright Maurice Lefebvre-Desvalli√®res was born on this day in Paris. He was the brother of painter George Desvalli√®res (his great-grandfather was writer Gabriel-Marie Legouv√© and his grandfather was playwright Ernest Legouv√©--his great, great grandfather was likewise also a prominent French writer of the same surname). He was schooled in Paris and later became the writing partner of Georges Feydeau for a time. His specialty was comedic farces.  Only two films (that are known for a certainty) were produced from his work in the silent era, the first of which was the 1913 short Le fils √† papa--Georges Monca film. The second was a much more lavish production of the same work; The Girl in the Taxi (Die keusche Susanne or Chaste Susanne) was German production dating from 1926 and was directed by Richard Eichberg--the work is based on a popular German operetta adapted from Desvalli√®res play.  The first sound film produced from his work came in 1933 with Champignol malgr√© lui a French comedic farce is full mono.  The most recent use of his work in a film came in 1972 with the Danish production Hotel Paradiso based on a play that he co-authored with Feydeau.  Desvalli√®res died on the 23rd of March at the age of 68. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Silent Horror On TCM October 2019!

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4 Oct. 4:30AM (Year: 1922) Trailer

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18 Oct. 5:30AM & 21 Oct. 12 Midnight (Year: 1921) Trailer

24 Oct.  4:45AM (Year: 1922) Trailer

28 Oct. 12 Midnight (Year: 1907) Short Film