Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Silents On TCM: August 2019 (Summer Under the Stars)

August: Summer Under The Stars--31 Days, 31 Stars!


TCM Homepage

For a compleat listing of the stars of Summer Under the Stars, please see the bottom of this post. 

August 19 Features Buster Keaton (part of TCM's Summer Under the Stars). Starts @ 6AM

19 Aug. 6AM Film Info. (Year: 1926)

19 Aug. 7:30AM Film Info. (Year: 1928)

19 Aug. 9AM Film Info. (Year: 1929)

19 Aug. 8PM & 20 Aug. 12:30AM Trailer (Year: 2018)

19 Aug. 10PM Film Info. (Year: 1927)

19 Aug. 11:30PM Film Info. (Year: 1924)

20 Aug. 2:30AM Film Info. (Year: 1925)

20 Aug. 3:45AM Film Info. (Year: 1928)

20 Aug. 5AM Film Info. (Year: 1924)

22 Aug. 6AM Film Info. (Year: 1929--Talkie) 
[Kicks off Summer Under the Stars: Leila Hyams]

22 Aug. 9:15PM Film Info. (Year: 1929-Talkie)

26 Aug. 6AM Film Info. (Year: 1924) [Kicks off Summer Under the Stars: Mary Astor]

The Stars of Summer Under the Stars

1:   Henry Fonda
2:   Ruth Hussey
3:   Marlon Brando
4:   Shirley Temple
5:   Melvyn Douglas
6:   Lena Horne
7:   James Stewart
8:   Ava Gardner
9:   Red Skelton
10: Rita Moreno
11: Humphrey Bogart
12: Ann Sothern
13: Brian Donlevy
14: Liv Ullmann
15: Rod Steiger
16: Irene Dunne
17: Errol Flynn
18: Audrey Hepburn
19: Buster Keaton!
20: Dorothy McGuire
21: Joel McCrea
22: Leila Hyams
23: Fred Astair
24: Shirley MacLaine
25: Dustin Hoffman
26: Mary Astor!
27: Walter Brennan
28: June Allyson
29: Paul Lukas 
30: Susan Hayward
31: Kirk Douglas

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Born Today July 3: Alberto Lazzoli


Brazilian musician, composer and conductor Alberto Rossi Lazzoli was born on this day in São Paulo.  He is principally remembered for being an important Latin American conductor of and composer for radio orchestras in the mid 20th century; but he was also a composer of film scores as well--including direct film scoring--with the oboe being his instrument of choice.  To date, just four films have featured his music--all of them pre-1950 and all of them featuring scores that he wrote directly for each production.  The first of these was a late Brazilian silent film Human Clay (Barro Humano) from 1929, a melodrama directed by the then up and coming Brazilian director Adhemar Gonzaga.  Lazzoli was hired to write the score for the film directly (the film is now profoundly lost, with only a poster and a a few stills left for viewing). The other three films that he scored date from 1939, 1945 and 1947; the last of which was a romantic comedy entitled Querida Susana (1947).  In his lifetime he had also been a performer, a symphonic soloist, a pioneer of Brazilian radio and, most importantly, a teacher (professor) of music for others. Lazzoli died in Rio de Janeiro on the 4th of December; he was 81 years of age. 

Production still from Barro Humano