Friday, June 16, 2017

Born Today June 16: Elaine Hammerstein


Silent film actress Elaine Hammerstein was born on this day in Philadelphia.  She was the granddaughter of Oscar Hammerstein; and her father Arthur was a prominent opera producer.  She made her Broadway premiere in 1913 at the age of 17.  Two years later she made her film debut in World Film's The Moonstone, based on the Wilkie Collins book of the same name.  Before she appeared in a film role, she had appeared to two filmed appearances as herself in 1914.  She was active during the years 1915-1926 in the film industry.  She married for the second time in 1926 and retired from acting because of that (she as previously been married to Alan Crosland).  The last film that she appeared in was Ladies Of Leisure (1926), a Columbia Pictures film.  Tragically, she was killed just outside of Tijuana Mexico in a horrible car crash on August 13 along with her husband and their three passengers.  Her and her husband were both buried at Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles at the same time.  She was 51 years of age, her husband was 66. Curiously, her gravestone is not marked with the birthday that appears on her birth certificate.

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