Friday, July 31, 2020

Born Today July 31: Marjorie Chard

Lovely photographic portrait taken by Bassano (glass plate negative)--located in the National Portrait Gallery, in London.


British actress Marjorie Chard was born Marjorie Nancy Brand on this day in the Chiswick area of London, England; her stage surname was borrowed from her own mother--a famous opera singer--whose maiden name it was. Her mother's career was no doubt an early influence on her eventually becoming an actress, though she did not make a lifelong career out of it. She did appear both on the stage and in films, with her appearance in the melodrama  The Veiled Woman  in 1917 marking her film debut.   Her only other silent film appearance came in the 1921 comedy  The Fortune of Christina McNab.  In both of these films, she was in supporting roles. She is known to have done quite a lot of stage work during the 1920's, with 1923 being a particularly busy year. She did not appear in another film until 1935, when she appeared in a lesser know crime thriller whodunnit in an old dark house: Inside The Room.  She acted in just three more films; with Bed and Breakfast in 1938 the last of them. She seems to have retired from acting altogether at some point. Certainly, World War II would have put a strain on any stage career. Add to that, the death of her mother in 1942, she does not appear to have acted in any capacity (on the stage or other wise) past 1940.  She did continue to live in London and died in Paddington on the 29th of April in 1964 at the age of 76, I can find no burial information. In 1909 she married fellow actor Langhorn Burton, they had one child and at some point divorced. 

[Cover of The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News 6 March 1909]

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