Monday, October 7, 2013

The Story Of The Kelly Gang (1906) Portion

It's strange that this is actually the world's first feature film; strange because it's Australian.  Moving pictures were arguably invented in the US, but countries like France and England were very, very quick to catch on.  However, it was a country that was considered backward to an extreme degree by the rest of the world who gave us the first full length movie; and Australia had only been an actual country for 5 years!  The above is just a portion of the feature, but it's pretty action packed.  Based, of course, on the famous Ned Kelly of the outback; this is the first film ever made about him.  It was remade in 1920.  Happy Labour Day Australia!


  1. Cool! Lots of trivia there, good to know! :)

    1. I'd like to get my hands on the whole film to upload to You Tube, but you practically have to go to Australia to find it! Can't even find a way to order it. Hopefully, a company like Kino will show interest in it. Kinda surprised that someone hasn't "You Tubed" before now.