Monday, October 28, 2013

Legong Dance Of The Virgins (1935)

It is rare to find a feature length silent film in age of talkies (unless it was made in 1929, when the first talkies were introduced), and this was filmed in 1935, well into the talkie era.  In fact, this was the last Hollywood silent film to ever be released from the original silent era onward.  It is also the very last film ever shot in two-strip Technicolor.  There were actually 3 versions of it, with the original running 65 minutes, and two censored version (one for the US and the other for the UK), that ran roughly 45 minutes.  As a result, parts of the film have been lost.  The above movie is as restored as the film will be, unless someone finds more footage somewhere.  It was shot entirely on location in Bali.

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