Saturday, October 12, 2013

Don Juan (1926)

Today is Dia de la Raza in Mexico; it's their Columbus Day.  If anyone has visited my Friday Horror Blog or my Native American food blog, you know that have native ancestry from several southeastern tribes and connections to the Mexica ("Aztecs") of Mexicol (alternatively Mexichol the native spelling and pronunciation of the country).  Over at the Scare My On Fridays blog we are protesting with a day long early nod to Miccailhuitl (Dias de los Muertos/Days of the Dead) and to the country of Mexichol.  Over at New World Food we are doing the same with a focus on some Mexican food.  Yehyoli Mexcihol! (Viva Mexico). Here is a Warner Bros. partnership with Vitaphone Corp from 1926 starring the great John Barrymore as Don Juan.

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