Saturday, July 15, 2017

Born Today July 15: A. Lloyd Lewis


Silent cinematographer Atwood Lloyd Lewis was born on this day in 1887--location unknown.  Lewis is basically a complete unknown.  What is known is that he started work shooting films at Fox in 1916 on the film Slander which starred Bertha Kalich.  In all he is credited with just 6 films that he served as cinematographer on; he appears to only have been active from 1916 thru 1918.  His next film featured an appearance by Marian Swayne in The Tortured Heart (1916).  The other films that he shot were: The Straight Way (1916) starring Valeska SurattThe Victim (1916) another Suratt film, The Blue Streak (1917) and finally Just For Tonight which starred Tom Moore and was the only film that he made for Goldwyn.  It appears that during his time at Fox he worked almost exclusively for director Will S. Davis.  There is zero information as to what befell Lewis after 1918, not even a death date.  

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