Thursday, July 20, 2017

Born Today July 20: Christian Molbech


Danish writer Christian Molbech was born on this day in Copenhagen, Denmark.  He was known for a large array of writings from poetry, novels, history, and literary critique.  He was educated at the Sorø Academy (though born in Copenhagen, he grew up in Sorø).  Upon graduation, he immediately went to work for the Royal Danish Library.  He then had a chair at the University of Copenhagen teaching literature.  In 1839, he became one of the founders of the Danish Historical Society, he was also a founder of Historisk Tidsskrift, which remains the world's oldest continuously published scientific historic journal.  Additionally, he did have actual experience in the theater as well, serving as manager of the Royal Danish Theater from 1830-1842.  As a literary critic, he was known for scathing reviews of works that would later become classics.  Only two films have been made utilizing his work as source material.  The first dates from 1927: Heart Of An Actress, a film based on his novel and adapted and directed by break-through French feminist director Germaine Dulac.  The only other film to use his work came in 1948 with Each Heart Has It's Own Story--a Swedish film.  Molbech died at the age of 66 in Copenhagen on the 20th of May, two months to the day of his 67th birthday.  There is no information as to his burial.

Still from the Dulac film

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