Sunday, July 9, 2017

Born Today July 9: Marian Swayne


Silent film ingenue Marian Marguerita Swayne (sometimes spelled "Marion") was born on this day in Philadelphia.  She got her start on the stage, where she quickly became a darling with audiences; so it wasn't very long before she garnered the attention of the film industry.  And, it wasn't just any studio that took notice of her.  In 1911, she signed a contract with Alice Guy Blanché's and her husband Herbert's newly formed Solax Film Company.  Her first film appearance was in An Interrupted Elopement, in which she acted across from Lee Beggs.  She very quickly became a darling of the silver screen as well.  She was young enough and popular enough after just a few film appearances to get a role in Alice Guy's studio spoof celebrating the coming of the 1912 new year as "The Chi-i-ld" A Solax Celebration.  With her contract up a Solax, she was free to take roles at various other production houses.  The first non-Solax film that she was in came in The Line-Up At Police Headquarters in 1914, made for the Nonpareil Feature Film Corp, which only made two films--one of which is the historically important 1915 version of Alice In Wonderland (1915).  She had very steady work all throughout the years during the 1910's that her career spanned, but started going back to the stage 1919.  She only made 5 films made 5  films in the 1920's, the last of which was Heart Of Alaska in 1924.  She then retired from silver screen, presumably to raise a family; she was married to fellow screen actor Joseph Levering.  Later in life she took acting on the radio.  Swayne died on the 21st of August 1973 in New York City at the age of 82.  She is buried in a family at West Laurel Cemetery in Bala Cynwynd, Pennsylvania.  

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