Friday, April 7, 2017

Born Today April 7: William Allan Pinkerton


William Allan (sometimes spelled "Allen") Pinkerton was born into the (in)famous Pinkerton family on this day in Dundee, Illinois.  His father was Allan Pinkerton founder of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.  The younger Pinkerton was educated in both public and private schools and later Notre Dame.  He entered the U. S. Army in 1861 serving throughout the Civil War.  He then went to work at his father's agency and stayed there as a career.  The reason for his inclusion here is a bit of a first.  At some point in his life he wound up in Los Angeles and served as one of the very first film consultants in the history of Hollywood.  He was hired as a technical advisor on the film Voices Of The City (1921), which starred amongst others Lon Chaney.  Pinkerton died there at the age of 77 on the 11th of December.  His remains were shipped back to Illinois, where he is buried in Chicago's Graceland Cemetery.

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