Friday, April 28, 2017

Born Today April 28: George Leyton



Expat American songwriter and actor George Leyton was born today in New Orleans, LA.  Not a lot is known about his life, except that he left the U.S. for Great Britain when he was quite a young man.  He served for a time in the British army; and reportedly started a fund for veterans of the Crimea and the India Mutiny.  He financed this to the tune of £3,600 (quite a sum in the day!) with the sale of one of his songs.  He was a well known stage performer of various music halls in London, frequenting the vaudeville scene there.  Beginning in 1916, he appeared a small number of films, the first of which was Boys Of The Old Brigade.  In 1917 he appeared as "The Man" in The Man Who Made Good, for which he wrote the story that the film was based on.  Also in 1917, he appeared in It's Never Too Late To Mend.  Finally, in 1921 he produced and starred in Land Of My Fathers.  Leyton died in his adopted home town of London, England on 5 June at the age of 84.  There is no information on the disposal of his remains.

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