Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today's Film: An Excursion To The Moon (1908)

While I am still having Internet troubles here, with serious run around's with the cable company over services call, it has at least stabilized enough to get some extra stuff finished.  And I found my source material on the restoration of this little film.

This is a famous early remake, in fact, it is almost a frame for from remake of the famous Meliese "trick" film of 1902 (in English) A Trip To The Moon.  Though this was produced by the famous French film company Pathe Freres, it was actually directed by one of Spain's earliest film directors, Segundo de Chomon.  Though the remake is almost frame for frame, this version is richly hand stenciled--the stencil in the preserved copy of the film is the original stencilling done by Pathe.

This film is part of the Lobster Film  collection.  And is part of a collection of important early films put out on DVD by Flicker Alley LLC entitled Saved from the Flames:  54 Rare and Restored Films 1896-1944.  Music by Frederick Hodges.

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