Saturday, October 1, 2011


Hello!  Welcome to the first day of the countdown to the great pumpkin here in "Silent Room."  I love silent horror and science fiction films, and have a real fascination with the technology of the earliest cinema.  Which why I decided to create a blog to occasionally explore these topics.

I am intending to post on one film a day that counts as "fright" of some sort.  A lot of the earliest films can either be embedded directly or can be viewed on valuable website like the Internet Archive through a link.  So, I am looking to provide as many of these as possible this month.

I'm pleased to say that this blog has been included this year over at the Countdown To Halloween.  Two of my other blogs have been included as well.  New World Food is my Native American food spot, and that will include harvest recipes and ingredients all month long--featuring a different native American ingredient each day.  Scare Me On Fridays is my regular blog spot, for the countdown month, what we call "Fright Month" at my house, every day in October in treated as a Friday Night Fright.

I hope everyone has a great month and enjoys reading all the great blogs over at the Countdown!  Happy Early Halloween!

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