Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Silent On TCM--May 2019

May 3 7:30AM Full Film

May 3 8AM Mary Astor Clip

May 7 4AM (this is an Oscar Micheaux film!) Clip

May 7 7:45AM Clara Bow!

May 13 12:30AM TCM Clip

May 20 12:30 TCM Presents a series of Bobby Bumps  animated shorts (14 shorts)

May 21 2:45AM Trailer

On the 27the of May, starting at midnight, TCM will be airing a series of short silent comedies until 2AM. All of the films are from the year 1915. The films are as follows:

May 27 11:45PM Trailer

Other Recommendations:

May 7 6:45AM 

May 18 8PM (Kicks off a celebration of Orson Welles in Primetime) Trailer

May 26 4AM Trailer

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