Friday, May 25, 2018

Born Today May 25: Barbara Luddy


Barbara Luddy was born in the then rugged Great Falls, Montana.  She got into film at the early age of 17 in 1925, when she landed a part in the Columbia Pictures produced An Enemy of Men, in a named role.  From there she had steady work all through the 1920's.  Again quite the accomplishment for such a young woman in such a rough world.  In the later part of 1925, she was cast opposite George Harris in a series of short films largely directed by Benjamin Stoloff.  She took a film acting hiatus between the only film that she made in 1928 and her next film appearance, which came in 1930 with a talkie (utilizing the RCA Photophone System for sound): Headin' North.  With her silent days behind her, she went on to appear in several films in the early 1930's, with her last coming in Her Secret in 1933.  She possessed real talent, both in acting, but also in voice; her next step was to go into radio.  In 1936 she was a voice on the popular, and, as it turned out to be, long running The First Nighter Program; she remained with the series until its cancellation in 1953.  What she is most well known for is her voice over work in classic mid-twentieth century Disney animation films. Though she did make a few appearances in films and appeared in some television, including a small part in the Primal Scream episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker.    Luddy passed away on 1 April 1979 in Los Angeles at the age of 70 from lung cancer. She was cremated and her remains interred in urn and kept privately.

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