Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Born Today October 24: Ben Landeck

Ben Landeck


British playwright Benjamin Landeck was born on this day in London.  Almost nothing is known about his life (a Google book search turns up a few indexes that list a few of his plays in both the UK and the US--that is it).  He did start writing plays in the 19th century and his plays ran in both London and New York.  Several of his plays had runs on Broadway, yet not even their database lists information on him beyond run times.  His plays were certainly popular enough to be used for film scenarios starting in 1908 with Saved From The Sea.  As has been previously mentioned, the play was written with the equally obscure English writer Arthur Shirley (I) (not to be confused with the Australian Arthur Shirley (II)).  In fact, he and Shirley were writing partners and a great number of films made from Landeck's writing were also co-penned by Shirley.  Though, Landeck did write plays and stories on his own and several films using these works were also produced.  In all, 13 films have been produced using his writing as source material; all of them in the silent era; and nearly all of them productions in the United Kingdom (The Model from 1915 was a World Film production).  The last film using his (and Shirley's) work came in 1928, the year of his death, with What Money Can Buy. Landeck died in London at the age of 63 on the 6th of January.  As with all the other unknown aspects of this writer's life, his burial or interment are not known.  

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