Sunday, September 3, 2017

Born Today September 3: Guy Kingsley Poynter


Actor Guy Kingsely Poynter was no child actor, in fact, he did not make any films within the silent era--not even during Hollywood's pre-code days--his film debut actually came in 1938 as "Henry McInstosh" in Orson Welles infamous silent film Too Much Johnson.  Poynter was born Guy Kingsley William in Great Neck, New York on this day in 1915. Poynter also appeared in a stage production of the Welles work as well.  After 1946, he lived and worked in the UK--this he would do for the rest of his life.  He is best known (at least in Britian) for his role the BBC radio show Journey Into Space, where he played Doc Matthews.   He thereafter appeared a series of low budget films and lesser known British television series.  His last appearance before he retired came in the episode The Dentist in 1965 on The Dickie Henderson Show.  Poynter possibly died in the Greater London area on the 6th of September 1983 in the UK just three days after his 68th birthday (note: some sources state that he died in July of that same year, due to a newspaper obit of "his widow" who died in August--creamtorium in Putney lists him as cremated in June of that year).  His remains were supposedly cremated at Putney Vale Cemetery and Crematorium.  No word as to their deposal or otherwise.

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