Sunday, August 27, 2017

Born Today August 27: Frances Carlyle


British born actor of the silent era Frances Carlyle was born on this day in Birkenhead, England.  His family immigrated to Connecticut when he was just a boy.  He apparently loved the stage and was talented enough to be hired on the touring circuit as a child actor.  While in regards to film he is best known for his appearances in the famous silent serial The Perils Of Pauline (1914), he actually got his relatively short lived film career started many films before this in the short drama The Angel Of The Slums in 1913.  His time in films was extremely short-lived, and, he no doubt had a successful stage career before this, as he appeared several times on Broadway (for more on this, follow the link below).  Until his turn in Perils, all the films that he appeared in were shorts.  He appeared in only one additional film after Perils, in Detective Craig's Coup, in which he had the starring role.  Carlyle died just two years later in Hartford, Conn. at the young age of 48.  There is no information as to his burial.  


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