Sunday, June 4, 2017

Born Today June 4: Harley Knoles


British silent film director Harley Knoles (sometimes spelled Knowles) was born on this day in Rotherham, which is located in Yorkshire, England.  Though he was English by birth, he got his start in film States-side with the first "Hollywood":  Fort Lee, NJ.  The first film that he is credited with directing, is also one that he primarily wrote the adapted screenplay himself.  The Master Hand came out in 1915 and was produced for the short lived Premo Feature Film Co. (they only produced two films).  During his time in Fort Lee, he worked for the likes of World Film, Peerless, and various incarnations Premo, amongst other more independent studios.  The first film that he made that was shot in Hollywood came in 1919--Bolshevism On Trial.  His next film, The Great Shadow (1920) was shot in Ontario, Canada and starred Tyrone Power Sr.  The first film that he made for a studio that is recognizable to us today was Guilty Of Love (1920), which was made at Paramount.  This first film that he made in his native England came in 1921 with Carnival.  He is best remembered for his next picture A Bohemian Girl (1922), for which he got his first producer credit.  After these two British made films, he returned to the United States to make two films, and then returned to his home country, where he continued to direct through most of the rest of the 1920's.  The last film that he directed (rather co-directed) was The Rising Generation in 1928.  After this, he has only two producer credits to his name in 1931 and 1934 respectively.  The 1934 film Norah O'Neale would mark the end of his career in motion picture.  Knoles died just two years later In London, England on the 6th of January 1936 at the age of 55.

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