Sunday, March 26, 2017

Born Today March 26: Prince George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge


Prince George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge, full given name: George William Frederick Charles in the House of Hanover, was born on this date in Hanover, Germany.  His father was Prince Aldophus; his grandfather was King George III.  He was at first educated in Hanover, then after 1830, in England.  He would go on to have a life-long military career, and even saw action in war. He created quite a stir when he married secretly; ignoring an arranged, up-coming marriage with a cousin who was a Princess.  He instead married an English commoner who was, shockingly for the time, an actress.  He, unlike several relatives before him, was allowed to remain married, despite that he was  was in breach of the Royal Marriages Act.  He died in London, at the age of 84 on 17 March 1904.  He is buried in a family mausoleum in Kensal Green Cemetery, also located in London.  The reason for his inclusion here stems from his appearance in 3 newsreels, the first of which, Duke of Cambridge Opening Earl's Court Exhibition, was shot in 1899.  The next:  Duke of Cambridge Bidding Goodbye to Imperial Yeomanry was shot in 1900. The last of these was Duke of Cambridge at the Richmond Horse Show, and was shot 1901.  All of these were produced by the Warwick Trading Company.  

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