Monday, October 3, 2016

Born Today October 3: Alphonse Winckler


Winckler was born on this date in Champanole France. He appears, along with 3 other men in one of the early Lumiére Brothers shorts from the 1890's.  Partie d'écarté or The Messers. Lumiére at Cards (or Men Playing Cards as an alternative English title) was produced in 1896 and lasts for less that 1 minutes.  Most of the cast is made up of members of the Lumiére family.  The film appears as No. 73 in the Lumiére catalog.  The still above is from the film.  Winckler appears to be the man who is standing.  Additionally, the Lumiére catalog lists him as appearing in the title number 48 Embarquement pour la promenade, but he is not currently credited with that on IMDb. Winckler died at the age of 82 on 21 April 1925 in Lyon, the home town of the Lumiére production facility.  

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