Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Born Today May 24: Fernando Soler


Mexican film actor and director Fernando Soler was born Fernando Díaz Pavía in the village of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, into a family of entertainers.  He was the elder brother of 3, all of which went into the film business.  They were sort of like the Mexican version of the Marx Brothers.  All of them changed their last name to Soler; and were referred to States-side as "The Soler Brothers."  Of the four, Fernando is the only one to have any connection with the silent era of film.  He is credited with having a bit part in the 1915 filmed version of the novel The Spanish Jade, an English language silent which was remade in 1922 (this latter film is sadly lost). His formal film debut didn't come until 1932 in which was given top billing; this came in the Spanish language film Cuándo to suicidas, a comedic feature produced by Paramount in the United States, but shot in France.  He made his directorial debut back in his home country of Mexico in 1940, directing himself in Con su amable permiso, a comedy drama.  He probably best known for his role in Luis Bunuel's Susana (1951). He went on the have a long acting and directing career, mostly in Mexico; and he worked up until the time of his death.  In fact, he was such a busy actor, that one film in which he appeared was released posthumously.  He passed away on the 24th of October in 1979 in Mexico City.  He is thought to have died from a hemispheric body paralysis, the most common cause of which is stroke; he was 83.  There seems to be disagreement about where he is interred, however there is a marker for him in Mexico City's historic Pantéon Jardín cemetery.

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