Saturday, October 10, 2015

Born Today October 10: Giuseppe Verdi


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Sometimes, life just gets in the way.  Things come up.  I will say that as a famous composer--very famous--he is also credited The Last Days Of Pompeii (1913), just like our famous music man of yesterday.  It should be noted however though, I did not have the time to research if this credit was original or not.  Sometimes, silent films go through periods of time when famous classical works are used as soundtracks when they are in a state of "let's just put this out cheaply" by companies because of public domain allowances.  I can think of a one print of Metropolis (1927) where this was painfully the case (more on that at another time).  He is entombed at the Cimitero Monumentale de Milano in Italy.

For Halloween Countdowners, here's a film viewed on "Vincent Price Day" in our household celebration to the countdown to the Great Pumpkin--posted over on my live blog Scare Me where his music is featured:

Featuring an all star cast of boogeymen!

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