Sunday, April 30, 2017

Born Today April 30: Jerold T. Hevener


Silent film actor and director Jerold T. Hevener was born on this date in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He got his start as an actor in 1912 appearing in A Poor Excuse That Worked, a short film released in January of that year.  It appears that he also made his directorial debut in 1912.  It thought that he directed himself in Once Was Enough (1912) for Lubin Manufacturing--but as of now, that is unconfirmed.  In 1913, he definitely directed A Guilty Conscience, a film that he starred in and was again produced by Lubin.  The last film that he directed was It Happened In Pikesville, a film starring Oliver Hardy.  His last known appearance as an actor in a film came in 1917 in The Hash House Mystery.  In all, he appeared in 36 films, and directed 18 movies during his years active; almost all of these films were made for Lubin.  Curiously there is absolutely no information about his death.  None.  Not even a date.  It is unknown at this time, if he simply retired from acting or if he, in fact, died in 1917.  The later seems likely, since he was so active in films from 1912.

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