Thursday, April 13, 2017

Born Today April 13: David Christie Murray


British journalist, lecturer and writer David Christie Murray was born on this date in West Bronwich, England. He was educated in his hometown and in Spoon Lane until the age of twelve.  At that time he was withdrawn from school and put to work in his father's print shop.  At the age of 18, he was sent to London to further study printmaking, but he wound up enlisting in the army instead.  After his military service, he became a journalist.  At first he struggled with his new found writing career, but managed to land a deal to travel abroad and cover the Russo-Turkish War.  After successfully covering the war, he then went a lecture circuit, first in England, then, after some years of living in France and Belgium, principally in Australia; this turned out to be a very big success.  In 1890 he seemingly disappeared and was missing for 5 months, when he cabled to say that he had be working in Samoa and was a guest of fellow writer Robert Louis Stevenson.  He also had decided to devout his writing full time to producing works of fiction, abandoning journalism.  When he was in Australia, he also successfully assisted in several theatrical productions.  Only two films have been produced from his works, and both of them were in the silent era.  The first of these was In His Grip; the second was The Penniless Millionaire.  Both films were British productions and both were released in 1921.  Murray suffered some sort of long illness at the end of his life and died of an aneurysm on the 1st of August in 1907 at the relatively young age of 60.  He is buried in Hampstead, England. 

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