Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Born Today March 15: Mrs. E. M. Kimball (nee) Pauline Garrette

Still used from The Little Minister (1913) showing her daughter Clara Kimball Young as a poster for the film. 


Mother of famed silent actress Clara Kimball Young and wife to silent actor Edward Kimball, was born on this date in Chicago, IL.  It is widely reported that her maiden name was Garrette, though some sources has listed it as "Maddern."  She was an actress herself, and appeared in many films with her daughter, and her husband.  Her first appearance in a motion picture came in 1912 in Susie To Susanne, a dramatic short that did not feature any of her other family members.  The first film that she appeared in with her husband was her next film role in the Ralph Ince directed/Vitagraph produced short The Delayed Letter (1913).  Her very next film, referenced above, was The Little Minister (1913), this was the first film to feature both her husband and her daughter together with her, with Clara Kimball Young taking the starring role.  She continued to act in films through 1916, variously being credited as "Mrs. E. M. Kimball," "Mrs. Edward M. Kimball," "Mrs. Kimball," and "Pauline Kimball."  Her last film was The Feast Of Life (1916), another vehicle for her daughter--which is amongst the many films from silent era that have been lost. Pauline Kimball died at the age of 59 on the 11th of December in 1919.  I can find no information about her burial or interment, even when searching on her much more famous husband's name.

A photograph believed to be of Pauline Garrette (or Maddern) Kimball


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