Monday, March 13, 2017

Born Today March 13: Paul Fix


Character actor Paul Fix was born on the date in Dobbs Ferry, New York to German immigrant parents.  There is confusion about his birth name, some give it as Peter Paul Fix (though his World War I service record lists him a Paul Peter Fix); other seemingly less reliable sources, have his birth name as Paul Fix Morrison.  What ever the case, he would become a familiar face in westerns of all sort in the 1940's or 50's.  He would even go on to be the first doctor on the USS Enterprise in the pilot for the original Star Trek series.  He got his start in acting after returning from the Great War around 1920 in and around New York.  In the early 1920's, he moved to Los Angeles.  Fix first appeared on film in 1924 in the uncredited role of "bellhop" in the Paul Semon vehicle The Perfect Clown, a film that also featured Oliver Hardy.  His first credited role came in 1928 in the Fay Wray/Gary Cooper film The First Kiss.  He was also in the 1929 partial silent Lucky Star, with some talking sequences provided by Western Electric.  He would suffer through several uncredited roles in the early 1930's, before finding a home in early talking westerns.  The first full sound film he was in came in 1930 with a small uncredited role in Ladies Love Brutes.  By the mid-1950's he had gotten into television as well.  He is probably best known for his recurring role in the series The Rifleman.  He is also recognizable in the recurring role of a district attorney in Perry Mason.  He was also in a number a cult horror films through the years, from 1956's The Bad Seed to the hokey 1972 release Night Of The Lepus.  Fix died on the 14th of October in 1983 of renal (kidney) failure at the age 82 in Los Angeles.  He is buried, with his wife, in Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica.

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