Thursday, July 30, 2020

Born Today July 30: Ada Karlovsky


Czech actor Ada Karlovsky (birth name: Adolf Netrefa) was born on this day in Prague (then part of the Austro-Hungarian empire). From some limited research that I was able to conduct on Czech sites, it appears that Karlovsky actually appeared in more films than are listed on English language sites like IMDb, All Movie, etc., but it does appear that the Czech film Prazstí Adamité, which dates from 1917, was indeed his first film appearance (listed on a at least 5 websites).  That we know of, Karlovsky appeared in at least seven films in the silent era, one of which--Ada se ucí jezdit (1919)--he also directed. Almost all of the others were directed by Václav Binovec. His last silent film was Ve dvou se to lépe táhne in 1928--a comedy directed by Svatopluk Innemann. The first full sound film in which he appeared came in 1931 with the spy drama Aféra plukovnika Rédla. His last credited role was in the 1943 musical Fond Dream, while his last film appearance came in an uncredited role in the romantic drama Spring Song in 1944.  Karlovsky passed away in Prague just two years later on the 11th of October at the age of 61.  I can find no information as to his burial.

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