Saturday, February 11, 2017

Born Today February 11: Melville Fuller


Melville Weston Fuller was born on this day in Augusta, Maine to a well off family.  His father was a lawyer and both of his grandfather's had been judges.  Fuller himself, would go to be the eighth Chief Justice of the U.S. supreme court.  He is notable here for appearing in two silent news-reels.  He actually became the very first Supreme Court justice to appear in a film.  The first of these dates from 1897; McKinley Taking The Oath, an Edison short, shows him swearing in President McKinley on inauguration day.  The second, President McKinley Taking The Oath, also an Edison short, shows him in the same capacity 4 years later (1901).  Fuller died of heart disease in 1910, ironically on the 4th of July, in Sorrento, Maine at the age of 77.  He is buried in Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, IL, where he had spent some of his formative years as a lawyer.  To read more about his life, follow links below.

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