Saturday, December 3, 2016

Born Today December 3: Ludvig Holberg


Ludvig Holberg, Baron of Holberg was born on this date in Bergen Denmark-Norway (now exclusively part of Norway).  He was a playwright, philosopher, essayist and historian.  He studied theology at the University of Copenhagen and taught himself languages, history and law.  During this period, it was customary for law students to travel abroad for purposes of study; it was his travels that lead to an interest in writing.  Though he wrote prolifically in philosophy and history, it is his comedic plays that became of interest to the world of film (he was also a prodigious writer of satirical poetry).  The first film to make use of his work for a narrative production came in 1908 with Jeppe paa bjerget, a short Danish film produced by Nordisk Film.  One other film in the silent era made use of his plays for a screenplay:  Skomakarprinsen (1920), a feature length comedy produced in Sweden.   The latest film to use is work for a screenplay came in 2002, with a made for television film in Denmark, Jean de France. A lifelong bachelor, Holberg died in Copenhagen Denmark-Norway (now the capital of Denmark) on the 28th January 1754 at the age of 69.  He is interred in an elaborate crypt in Sorø klosterkirke (Church of Soroe Cloister) in Sjaelland, Denmark.  For more on his highly influential life, follow the link to Wikipedia below.  

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