Friday, November 13, 2015

Born Today November 13: Robert Louis Stevenson


Scottish born writer Robert Louis Steveson's fanciful stories were fodder for the earliest narrative adaptations as soon as film was long enough to include at least the basics of a short story, novelette or novel.  He was born in Edinburgh.  The very first adaptation of his work is unsurprisingly Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 1908 and was a whopping 16 minutes in time length (long for the time).  Unfortunately, it is probably a lost film.  He died, probably of a massive cerebral hemorrhage, on 3 December in Viliama, Somoa; he was only 44 years of age.  He was beloved by the Samoan people who guarded his body until his burial on sacred Mt. Vaea, where a tomb was eventually erected over his grave.  

A very early Daguerreotype photo of him as a child. 

His original native burial.

Old postcard of his tomb

Modern Photo

The Samoan song "Under The Wild And Starry Sky" translated into English from the Native Samoan

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