Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Partially Lost Films

As we have seen with the recovery of Metropolis from a complete print found in Argentina in 2008, there is always hope for these films to re-completed.  Just as discoveries of whole lost films have been made randomly, almost as many completion prints for partial films have been found the world over.

The Leather Pushers (+ Round Two) 1922

I should make a point of trying to explain this one--it's a bit confusing. This is a series of boxing shorts, of which, I believe only two episodes still exist. The series is actually called "The Leather Pushers"--with the episodes themselves titled individually (Two & Three are still around thank goodness), however because of the way they are presented on IMDb and on at least one DVD source, the use of the title "Round Two" is added to try to allow for research and reference should anyone be interested.  The series short "Round Two" was directed by Harry A. Pollard.  Initially there were 18 full episodes.  Round Three as it is now confusingly known, is actually entitled "Payment Through The Nose." To make things, much, much more confusing there is a separate IMDb page, that should really be combined with the Round Two page, dedicated to the full series by the proper series name, but, confusingly on naming Edward Laemmle.

A still from "Round Two"

IMDb (The Leather Pushers)

IMDb (Round Two)

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