Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Les Vampires (1915-1916) Part 2


  1. I'll need to pick this up sometime. I watched most of these when TCM or AMC (back when it was still good) ran these a little a decade ago (probably to coincide with the release of "Irma Vep") but never got to finish them.

  2. I think watching them as episodes is the best way to go. My marathon viewing of the whole thing a few years back was pretty taxing. I am glad that I picked up the set though. It's the Image Entertainment two disc edition which has some really good special features; but alas it is now out of print. I've noticed that a lot silent era stuff, while being lovingly released in special editions, go out of print quickly (unless it's put out by Kino). I'm trying to get one episode up here each day.

    And, my god, did AMC get bad! I agree.