Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Lost London After Midnight (1927)

This is truly a strange one.  The video below was, as it states, produced with a great deal of care by Turner Classic Movies (TCM).  This is listed by many as the most famous of lost films, but it definitely has it's rivals (I think if a copy of Theda Bara's Sin (aka Vamp) showed up, there would be a lot more rejoicing).  In the last 15 years, so many copies of films have been discovered that were thought well and truly lost for good, from the whole Richard III (1912) to extended footage from Metropolis; so it's not without hope that a copy of this might still exist, after all, it was lost in the 1960's, as opposed to most lost silents, which were lost in the 30's or earlier!  Starring Lon Chaney Sr. and directed by Tod Browning.  This is a real "Wierd" one for sure!

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