Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Haunted Castle (1897)

People complain a lot these days about the modern proliferation of remakes as if it is a thoroughly modern idea...or vice; but the truth is that remakes have been around since the dawn of cinema.  The little 1 minute film of early English director George Albert Smith is the perfect example of that.  For some reason he felt the need to remake Meliese film The Haunted Hotel also from 1897 with more than a few elements of La Manior du Diable (1896) in it.  This particular coloring process is at the moment unknown.  This film as been put up on You Tube multiple times incorrectly naming it as the Melies film from 1897--this is the actual Albert Smith version.  Talk about remake confusion.  Happy Halloween!


  1. Not Smith. Another Melies film.

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  3. Like you have suggested, I have found other claims that this is Smith's version, and that Melies version is unfortunately lost. If you have documentation please share. Not even Wikipedia has information regarding which film is which, not whether or not Melies is lost.